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Day 2: Finding my way around.

I did more U-turns today than I have ever done in my life. I drove miles of the burn area and I talked with four families all in very different situations. No, I did not just drive blindly out to people's properties by myself. I consider that to be a bad idea. I went out to Sender's in Mountain Ranch to meet one of my current favorite people. A woman with a serious heart of gold. She has been reaching out to many families on her own and she said a few of them asked to meet me. I was still nervous about it since I am always scared the worst is going to happen. The reality of today was not scary in the least. It was wonderful to get to talk with and see what is going on for certain people. I think my favorite part was realizing just how sweet the woman taking me around was. Her thoughtfulness has no limit. She brought things to every place we stopped, things she had found specifically for them. The last place we stopped she left a small vase and fresh flowers. There are some lovely people in this world and she is one of them.

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