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A crazy day in more ways than one.

One condition of me going to Mountain Ranch yesterday was that I promised to go out to breakfast with my husband the next morning. I promised... then I broke that promise this morning. There was a meeting in San Andreas at 9 a.m. and I felt like I should be there considering everything that is going on. This morning I left before Chris even woke up. I got there on time and realized I am a complete bone head. 1) I did not know where the meeting was. 2) I had forgotten my wallet and now was two hours away from home with no gas to get back. I was feeling pretty lame. Really lame. As I sat there pondering my predicament I noticed a few fire trucks and ambulances go by but didn't think a whole lot about it.

Since I was stranded in town at the moment and could not find the meeting I decided to start calling office spaces in town for lease. One man called me back but the price was very high and he wanted a 3-5 year lease..... until he heard what we were doing. After that, the price was cut in half and the lease became month to month. Very nice man who said this hit close to home for him. I am meeting him on Thursday.

After this I talked Wells Fargo into giving me 60$ from my account without ID and filled up my tank. Even had enough for lunch before heading home!

At home I checked my FB and discovered the reason for the sirens. A shooting in the area that left 3 dead. I do not know anything other than that and I am not going to speculate about what happened but it is terrible news.

To end on a good note I have just heard that as a result of the meeting I never made it to the regulations on trailers has been lifted!!! Will have to find out the details but this is wonderful news and much needed right now.

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