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On the topic of love.

For a long time I felt weird about how much I care for others, especially those I don’t know.

Somewhere along the way I learned from society that we are not supposed to care for everyone equality. We should take care of our “own” over others. People may not have said this outright but it is reflected in the way I watch people live their lives every day.

We tend to care and advocate for the issues that relate to us or someone we know personally.

It almost seems to be a requirement. I am often asked why I support a certain person or cause and it seems expected that I have some sort of personal connection to it.

My willingness to do things for people I don’t know and go overboard has often made other people uncomfortable and causes problems for me in relationships.

Overtime, I have learned to hold back and placed restrictions on my expressions of love.

I have decided that is bullshit.

I don’t believe that I must love my own family more than yours.

Why should I not raise your chid up just as much as I raise my own?

In the long run my children will benefit the most if their peers are given the same chances as they are. I don’t want them to “get ahead” at the expense of others born with less privilege.

This extends to patriotism as well.

Sure, love your country for what it does well and the wonderful quality of life it has provided you.

But why does that mean we must be better than or not love other countries as well?

Doesn’t improving the quality of life for other countries benefit us too?

I think it does.

“The fastest way to get to a place of love and concern for all humankind is to see all humankind as your family. The fastest way to see all humankind as your family is to stop separating yourself.”

When people are happy and free I believe they do not seek to hurt others intentionally.

I have more than enough love to share.

It does not need to be limited to my family and friends.

There is no shortage of love.

“In the human reality, you will find that you always seek to love, and to be loved.

You will find that you will always yearn for that love to be unlimited.

And you will find that you will always wish you could be free to express it.

You will seek freedom, unlimitedness, and eternality in every experience of love.

You may not always get it, but that is what you will seek.

You will seek this because this is what love is, and at some deep place you know that.”

I don’t believe there should be limits on love.

I am love. And so are you.

Your struggle should be my struggle.

All quotes are from the book Conversations with God.

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