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Hang onto your hats.

The Humble Bee is a result of a shift in the way I choose to live my life and today was an affirmation of that choice.

I don’t even know how to explain the past 6 months of my life other than amazing. I woke up and I am eternally grateful that I did. How did it happen? It was so simple. I just followed my heart and trusted and THAT has made all of the difference. So much so, that if I am sure of one thing, it is I will never follow anything but my heart again.

And by my heart, I mean God’s will. I know matters of God get complicated and I am far from religious but I do believe acts of love are gifts from God. So, when we are acting out of love we are doing God’s will. And when we do this, incredible things happen.

I signed up to attend My Sister’s Keeper Expo about a week ago. I found it while searching for somewhere to have a booth for my next fundraiser. It was from 10-5 today and when I got up this morning I tried to avoid going. I am a shy white woman and I was pretty sure it was going to be a bunch of intimidating African American women and I was right. It was. And they were great.

I got there late and within a minute of sitting down… what do I hear? I hear a woman by the name of Becky Davis saying we need to be bold. Not only that, she talked about the importance of service and planting seeds of good for the future. If you knew all the things I have been writing and thinking about lately you would be floored at how incredibly synchronous this was.

I took that as a sign and I stayed to hear more.

I heard from Michele Thornton, and she told me to pay attention. I did and I know she has some more to teach me.

Next, I heard from Teneshia Warner and the words coming out of her mouth rang true. She is the CEO of Egami and she knows how to pursue her dreams. I wish I recorded her explaining the stretch she made in her life. The stretch she explains as the distance between your comfort zone and your dream.

She talked about many things but one was border bullies. These are people that (often times because of their love for you) will try to push you back into your comfort zone when you step out of it. Why? Because when you step out of your comfort zone (which is necessary to pursue your dreams) you are making them step out of their comfort zone and well, that is UNCOMFORTABLE for them too.

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