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Happy Earth Day! Yes, I know it is not officially today.

A shift in global consciousness is necessary to save our world but to get this every single person must look within.

We must not look to our government and we must not look to each other.

The solution is not there. If history tells us anything, it tells us that.

What I see when I look within is that for as much as I love nature and “care” about the environment I remain greedy and unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to save our planet.

Why? I am not sure. Maybe it is because for it to work, everyone must do it and since I don’t think that is going to happen I say.. if they are keeping it, I will too. Maybe it is because even though I tell myself I am not entitled I still act like I am.

I woke up thinking about this bright and early today. I wanted to go back to bed so I started to read but I picked the wrong book because I found myself reading these words.

“You cannot solve the problems which plague humankind through governmental action or by political means. You have been trying that for thousands of years. The change that must be made can be made only in the hearts of men…

The fact is, you have barely evolved at all.

You still operate in a primitive “every man for himself” mentality. You plunder the Earth, rape her of her resources, exploit her people, and systematically disenfranchise those who disagree with you for doing all of this, calling them the “radicals.”

You do all this for your own selfish purposes, because you’ve developed a lifestyle that you cannot maintain any other way.

You must cut down millions of acres of trees each year or you won’t be able to have your Sunday paper. You must destroy miles of the protective ozone which covers your planet, or you cannot have your hairspray. You must pollute your rivers and streams beyond repair or you cannot have your industries to give you Bigger, Better, and More. And you must exploit the least among you— the least advantaged, the least educated, the least aware— or you cannot live at the top of the human scale in unheard-of (and unnecessary) luxury.

Finally, you must deny that you are doing this, or you cannot live with yourself.

You cannot find it in your heart to live simply.”

This is from the book, The Complete Conversations with God though while controversial has some extremely wise words.

So this morning I cannot go back to bed because I find myself asking the same question asked by Kurt Vonnegut, “What gives us the right to wreck this poor planet of ours?”

My answer is we don't have the right but until we start believing every day not just April 22 is Earth day, we will.

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