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When life gets you down, play with your kids.

I am going to be a mom today. Something I have sucked at for at least the past month. They have paid a price for my passion. In the past few days I have crossed a line and let myself miss out on too much. They truly are the ones that make everything worth while and I need to make sure they know it.

The past two days have been challenging for me in many ways. Mostly they have made me ask some hard questions of myself and others. My revelations have been many but I have yet to make sense of them all. Something that has become very clear to me. What does and does not impress me.

What doesn’t impress me...

who you know

how much money you have

how much you know

how many friends you have

what clothes you wear

what countries you have been to

what college you went to

who your parents are

your political power

What does impress me...

Good people who work hard.

(this blog post shares my personal views and does not imply anyone else related to this organization feels the same way)

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