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World Kindness Day

That was yesterday. I did not know it until today and that makes what happened in Paris even more tragic to me. I spent 5 hours of my day delivering a trailer to a Butte fire family. Many other people decided to take human lives and devastate so many more.

Why does it seem so much easier to ruin someone's life than to make it better? This is why we have to keep doing good. Even though a lot of times it sucks. It is hard, and it often unrewarding. But what is the alternative?. Do we need more angry bitter people who feel like the world has given up on them? I see where that is going and I am not ok with it.

While I was moving that trailer I had the help of two other people, one who I got the trailer from and one who helped tow it. They were asking about what I was doing and I was talking about helping with the fires. They both had similar responses. "Yeah, I used to help a lot more but then _______ so I don't really anymore." That ______ was them being taken advantage of for something kind they did. This makes me sad. I feel so many people have a similar mindset. They want to help but don't want that help to be abused. I totally get that. I don't want that either. However, it is going to happen sometimes. It is a guarantee. I just cannot accept the conclusion that this means we should stop trying. It is still worth it to me.

If you were like me and unaware that it was World Kindness Day yesterday let us take today to redo that one. It did not go so well.

*** This is my opinion as the author and does not reflect the personal views of anyone else associated with The Humble Honey Bee***

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