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Cold Night, Shelter Open...

At least for a few hours. Yesterday in Mountain Ranch the high was 53 degrees and the low was 37 degrees. In response to this forecast (and the rain) many people worked to open an emergency shelter in Mountain Ranch. This was finally announced at around 5 pm last night. A few hours later it was announced it would be closing because no one came. What do I feel right now? Passionate frustration. There are so many issues here I don’t know where to start. What I do know is there was a lot of wasted energy spent trying to get another organization to do something and do it quickly. If the people pushing for it to happen had just gotten together and used that energy to do it themselves I think that shelter would probably still be open. Thank you so much to all of those who spent their time on this yesterday. I feel this experience will be a motivating factor in finding a shelter solution for the winter.

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